Connect Now Room at Arts Connection Foundation, Miami, United States
November 30, 2017 – January 20, 2018


"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."  – Albert Einstein


Big Bang is Rolando Peña’s individual show to open at the contemporary art space Connect Now Room of the Arts Connection Foundation. The art show, conceived in the city of Miami in 2017, represents his most recent production. It comprises seventeen images and a video work where Peña examines the cosmological model of the Big Bang theory and its incidences on the ways we interpret the various dynamics that build and shape human realities.





BOOM AND MODEL: Rolando Peña

By Pietro Daprano (Curator)


Under this vision Rolando Peña experiments paths to build a unique narrative sequence. Thus, using the oil-barrel image (whose iconography is fundamental in the framework of his aesthetic researches), the image acts as a unit able to expand through fraction, to simulate through a horizon line, a representation inspired in the theory of cosmic inflation developed by Alan Guth (New Brunswick, USA 1947), Andréi Linde (Moscow, Russia, 1948), Paul Steinhardt (Washington, D.C. USA 1952) and Andreas Albrecht (Ithaca, USA, 1957).



Rolando Peña: Big Bang

By Katherine Chacón (Art Critic, Former Museum Director)


Big Bang is comprised of a video and seventeen digital prints that follow the sequence of the astral “great explosion” where the barrel takes the place of the space-time zone known in physics as the “singularity” whose expansion allowed the formation of the universe. The path of that explosion is also the trail of the disintegration/creation of the barrel whose fragments seem to be launched to the spectator.


Big Bang Exhibition Opening and Reception



Sofía Imber, Rolando Peña, Jorge Gutierrez and Natasha Colebrook-Williams 
Milagros Gonzalez, Fernando Nuñez-Noda, Vicelyz Fadul, Veronica Daprano
Rolando Peña and Alejandra Von Hartz   
Gabriela Vanzetti, Victor Rodriguez, Julio Neri
Eduard Reboll, Fernando Calzadilla
Antoni Miralda, Carolina Muñoz, Montse Guillén, Julio Neri
Karla Gomez, Fernando Calzadilla, Andres Manner, Elaiza Irizarry, Rolando Peña
Pietro Daprano