Edificio Eugenio Mendoza, Universidad Metropolitana
Caracas, Venezuela
November 18, 2012

"Was there a Garden or was the Garden a dream?"  –  Jorge Luis Borges

The Higgs Barrel

by Claudio Mendoza (IVIC Astrophysicist-Researcher)


"In the work of the Black Prince, the Higgs Barrel is a natural continuation of the inquiries that it has made since 1999 about the history of the atom, the high energies, the dark energy, the ruptures of symmetries and the artistic possibilities of the Feynman diagrams that acompannies to this mural to describe the channels of formation and decay of the illusive barrel. It is a testimony to the optimism and confidence we feel for the scientific performance of the era to come, of the country and especially of UNIMET."



The great hadron collider accelerated the journey to the Barrel of God

by Claudio Mendoza (IVIC Astrophysicist-Researcher)