Film by Jose Rodriguez Soltero, New York, United States
March, 1968


In 1968, José Rodriguez Soltero made the double screen Dialogue with Che. Dedicated to Berthold Brecht and very much a film influenced by Brechtian techniques, the film features actors from the NY Latin American theatrical scene, including Venezuelan actor, producer, dancer Rolando Pena who plays the title role of Che. The film is a meditation on the death of Che Guevara and a critique of the Hollywood bio-pic Che’ starring Omar Sharif that came out at that time. Dialogue with Che was presented at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival, at 1969 Berlin's Festival, and was selected for the San Francisco Film Festival.

Actors: Rolando Pena, Taylor Mead, Anna Maria, Joseph Aliaga, Salvador Chuz, Cesar Vallejo, Carlos Anduze, Raymond Pinero, Santos Negron, etc. Sound by Charles Frehse.




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The East Village Other
Vol. 3, No. 35 (August 2, 1968)



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June 1968



Circolo Fiorentino del Cinema
June 1968



El chaos is not banned perhaps in first or in the second of delta creation... This is read in the preface to the revolutionary writings of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara by Fernando Retamar.

It is difficult to overcome this preface in two words. Put it, say that it captures some thoughts of Guevara and very pow of personal sus; apart from the fact that its idioms, of a very rare nature, can not be described as particularly Argentine or Cuban, but rather a cunning way to cast, as Unamuno himself defines. Fernando Retamar says: "In him we find no chauvinism, rather a repository feeling caused by a pressing continental bitterness."

There is then a sudden part reflecting an access discussion on the technical progress of the film and on the fact that the Peña thinks impossible, Che interpretation.

The debates take place: ...the downfall of Hollywood slamming Rock Hudson, Charlton Heston or Warren Beatty for Che Guevara (then Omar Sharif will disarrange others). You read the steps Pena abstains from smoking, should smoke Havanos - Che Guevara involves it world world world in which we live and stuffed with shit.

Historically, a fact we do not mind making a movie about it and a deception.

The people of Latin America are exploited, kept in illiteracy.

From the 3rd part of the movie: We are in Bolivia in the school where he is found. Talking to the teacher. Taylor Mead (a ranger) enters and listen to the tangoes of Carlos Gardel and the moment he is being tortured. The ranger reads a US Marines credo (in English). What is your report with the shotgun The end of the film and Che is brutally killed. The actor manages technically and prepares the next scene.


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